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Jérémy Monette  on Saturday 24 August 2013

I've tried this restaurant for the first time yesterday. My first thought was that some items on the menu where a little expensive, but when I got my plate, I totally changed my mind. The portions are big enough for everyone's appetite, the food quality is really great & the taste is just unique and mouth-watering. The food I ate was more than worth the price of what I paid. But what surprised me the most was the menu. I never seen in my whole life so many different dishes from so many different countries on the same menu! Whatever your taste is, you will find something you love for sure. Overall, the place is excellent, so is the service and the food. This restaurant is a must try for people who want to discover new tastes of around the world or just want to have a great dinner. I will come back for sure and i highly recommend it :).